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(no subject)

Mar. 14th, 2009 | 02:58 pm
mood: sleepy sleepy

Today I find myself in a very strange little mood.
My eyes hurt like i've been crying all night and I feel a little ill. I think the stress of the past few weeks has begun to take it's toll. With the death of my Nan, and my other Nan going through major surgery last wednesday, i've had a lot on my mind. On monday I start work with my fiance Rob for two weeks as a temp. I'm a little nervous as i'm painfully shy in reality, but will be ok because Rob will be there. For those who don't know, I suffer from panic attacks a lot and have too much adrenalin in my body (when I get excited, I panic and feel faint). Rob is my rock and keeps me from panicking! The other thing that keeps my mind occupied is my girls. <3 My dolls have become a massive part of my life and I honestly don't know what i'd do without them now. Today Blanche arrived!! (Thank you pairofwings <3). I mega regretted selling my Blanche and now I have another one. I'm NOT letting go of her this time around! :D

I was bored and decided to take some more photographs but couldn't decide who the subject would be. In the end, I chose Tien. I know i've been spamming pictures of her a lot recently, but I love the innocent look she has. It reminds me of a child who's only worry is "why can I not have that toy?". I often wish I was that age again. Everything was a lot more magical back then, but I know that things can still be magical if I let it :) 

Little sprinkles of updates!

Mar. 9th, 2009 | 05:51 pm
mood: restless restless

I have a headache which i'm sure is because i've spent the day thinking about what to do with particular dolls!
I have now sold Stica and Shinku who were the two I was not bonding with so now i'm left with the girls I love.
Only problem is, some of them need new wigs and could really do with a bit of tlc!!

- Needs some socks/tights and a jumper

- Needs a new wig and an outfit

- Socks/tights and a jumper

- Obitsu, socks/tights and jumper

- Could really do with a new wig and some socks/tights

- A NAME and socks/tights

Pumpkin (my new xiao fan)
- An obitsu, wig and outfit

Tien (new my melody)
- An obitsu (ordered) and some shoes, socks/tights

Money tree please? 
I have however bought myself a new Blanche :) *happy happy* I paid for her today.
I am waiting for lots of things in the post.
None of it money though. *sad* :D

Awaiting new arrivals!

Feb. 27th, 2009 | 03:41 pm
mood: giggly giggly

(Just so everyone knows, i'm very new to this live journal thing, so at the moment, my posts are....well....boring)

I am SO excited!! Yesterday I paid for a nude Xiao fan thanks to Snowman on Dolly Market! I can't wait until she's here :) I already have an outfit coming for her and want a wig from luts but can't afford the shipping on my own, so am looking for people to join with me to make an order. I am crossing my fingers my sister might want a wig from there so that we can split the costs, and Oboro has expressed interests in ordering too.

I am also awaiting the arrival of another doll!! I am going to keep it a secret until they come.
It won't be for a little while yet, but I am really hoping i've made the right decision as they're slightly different to who I normally buy :P

Dolly Dilema! (My wishlist)

Feb. 18th, 2009 | 05:44 pm
mood: sleepy sleepy

I thought i'd post up my wishlist :) I can only dream! There are way too many dolls I want at the moment!


1) Sebastian
2) Grell
3) Prunella
4) Xiao Fan
5) Greggia
6) Aquel
7) Blanche back
8) Kaela
9) Nero
10) Cinciallegra
11) Fanatica
12) China China
13) Veritas
14) Kirsche


1) Lizbel
2) Jolie
3) Milch
4) Pooka
5) Frara
6) Angry
7) Kanaria

So erm....not many! :D Hahaha! *wishes a lottery win would happen* :P

Ooh in other news, I *think* i've found a buyer for Lola!! She sold on ebay, and then the person who won her decided they "didn't want her" anymore. To keep a long story short, I sorted it through ebay, so had to find another buyer for her. It was pretty aggrivating to be honest, but i've had quite a few offers.

Little dolly update

Feb. 13th, 2009 | 10:10 pm
mood: sad sad

Well, with less than a day to go on ebay with Lola, I thought i'd update a bit!

PAPIN ARRIVED! When I was waiting for her, I wanted to call her Jolana, but after seeing her, i'm not so sure it suits her, so i'm going to do some name searching in a little bit. :)

I have re-eyelashed my Stica and won the outfit I wanted for her on ebay a few hours ago, so I can't wait until that comes. Now all she needs is an obitsu and a name!! Again, I need to name my new baby.

I have decided on the doll i'm going to get when Nikki orders Ciel...hehehe. I'm almost 99% that they're the one I want.

After all that positive stuff, I also have one not so positive dolly related thing. After selling Meeko, I feel fine. I'm glad she went, despite the fact I spent a lot of time with her, but with Evie...I miss her. I miss her terribly and there's a huge part of me that really regrets selling her. *sigh*. I wish i'd tried harder to bond with her. I have so many ideas now and it's too late. I missed her when she went but thought that will pass and it hasn't. *deep sigh*

She's completed and on ebay!!

Feb. 10th, 2009 | 08:21 pm
mood: gloomy gloomy

Well, after all that effort, I finally finished her yesterday and then put her up on ebay....
If there were not so many dolls I want, then i'd keep her as i've fallen in love with her.
urgh...i'm so lame.
Anyway, pictures.

I'm going to miss her :(
I'm thinking of calling my Stica or Shinku Lola though in memory :)

Third day of customising

Feb. 9th, 2009 | 11:40 am
mood: nervous nervous

I have been doing my custom since around 10am this morning :)
I have, hopefully, finished her faceup now.
I have done her eyes too. I am waiting on the eyelashes to dry, then comes the tricky part of cutting them down to the right size. She's finally coming together! I will have to leave my judgement until she's completed, but i'm reasonably happy with her as she's my first FULL custom, eyebrows and all. Nikki commented that her eyebrows are a little too short, but that's how I wanted them. *prays that she looks ok*

I didn't give up!

Feb. 8th, 2009 | 11:05 pm
mood: irritated irritated

after my custom went HORRIBLY wrong, I got upset and put her down. I had some time to think and I re-did her.
I am now waiting for the acrylic gloss to dry now on her eyes.
I decided this time to do everything that needed mr super clear first. (the blush, eyebrows and eyelashes)
I then did the eyeshadow and acrylic silver paint.
The lips still need to be done properly as do the eyelids but she's on her way!

Let the Customising commence!!!...and end

Feb. 8th, 2009 | 12:10 pm
mood: disappointed disappointed

Right, i'm going to write along with my progress to show you how long it takes me to get my custom how I like it and will also include some tips when making your own custom.


I want her to look quite innocent and sweet. I don't want to over-do the makeup and want to leave her with a fresh and natural feel. I want her to look slightly younger than the rest of my girls so will use lighter colours such as silver and light brown and maybe a light flesh tone pink for her lips. I want to make sure I use blush to bring her face to the main focus but to also give her quite a playful looking face. I will be using the following materials:

-Soft Pastles (the ones which look and feel like chalk)
- Acrylic Paint
- Mr Super Clear
- Clear Acrylic Gloss
- Special colour pencils
- Cotton buds (or q-tips)
- Maybe some VERY fine glitter (depending on how I feel)

I'm starting this journal entry at 12:10pm. At the moment, I have sanded off ALL the makeup from her face so it's just a blank faceplate. This is going to be interesting.....lets see if I can work my magic!

I am just waiting for the faceplate to dry. All i've done is put some very faint browny orange eyeshadow around the eyes. This probably won't be all that noticeable when she's finished but I like to do it as it adds depth. Just having one plain colour the whole way around (unless done perfectly like stock dolls) can make them look a little plain. I make sure I spray each bit of progress. If i'm happy with something, I seal it. I use mr super clear to keep the colours I want. (even though it tends to show up falts like finger prints and stuff like that), so I have to be really careful that i've done it neatly and to the best of my ability.


- Make sure you use whatever sealant you have in a well ventilated room.
- Ensure you spray it evenly over the area you want to seal. I normally spray about a foot away from what i'm sealing.
- If you're using soft pastles, make sure you haven't left finger marks or smudges before you seal. These can be a nightmare to remove later on!

I am stopping for lunch so will return to my journal as soon as I start again. (I'm so excited to get on with the next part!)

Lunch is over now so i'm going to carry on. It's funny, i'm customising a doll, and my fiance Rob is customising his car :) We just sat and had lunch together and talked about what we're up to.

I am waiting now for some clear acrylic gloss to dry on her face. This is a bit of a gamble. I have always used a matte finish on her eyemakeup, but because i'm using a silver, and I want it to sparkle, I am sealing it with gloss. I have given her some silver eyeliner. It's not gone exactly how I wanted this part to go as I am not a brilliant painter and put it on a little too thickly, but I hope that when she's finished, it won't be so bad. *fingers crossed*

Her eye makeup is nearly done now. There are just a few little things bugging me. I am an extreme perfectionist and the tiniest bump in the paint will drive me crazy. This can often lead to me making mistakes trying to get both sides looking the same. At the moment, the corners of her eyes are really annoying me. While it's drying i'm going to make up the colour I want the blush to be. I really hope she turns out the way I want her to....i'm thinking I might have a small problem at the moment as I don't think she's as good as I was hoping she'd be, but we'll have to see.

Shit. See, this is why I hate Mr Super Clear. I just went to seal the blush and blah. It's bubbled and has made the blush run. -_-. I liked placing the face down and spraying onto it, but dad said it was leaving marks on the patio so made me do it a different way. I might just have to be a rebel and break the rules as I really need this custom to go to plan. Urgh my goodness it looks horribe. Like a big red blob. :( She currently looks hideous. Oh god, worse than hideous. I've just inspected her. WHYYY?lol! Just as she was going to plan and now this has happened. Not happy at all.

Well it went so badly wrong I had to sand EVERYTHING off again. So, in other words, the whole day is wasted. All that work I did on her, is destroyed. I'm pretty angry and my head hurts now. :(

Dolly Diary

Feb. 7th, 2009 | 04:47 pm
mood: accomplished accomplished

I really should start this properly, so i've decided, while letting my new doll i'm customising dry, i'll post little bits here.
I am currently working on a Souseiseki bought from Oboro on the Dolly Market forums. She arrived this morning. After selling Meeko for over £100, I thought it would be worth having another little experiment and see how it goes. I just hope I don't fall in love with her like I did Liberty.

Ok, so I started this entry at 16:47pm according to the date and time.
It's now 19.36pm and i've just finished removing all the makeup on the face plate.
I decided i'd start a complete fresh as she had quite a bit of orange makeup. I like pale and "pure" looking girls, hence why I chose Nero for my last custom :)

I think tomorrow i'll start it properly :) I have some ideas!!